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During the Quaternary era, the Rhone cut a gash through the mountains here, separating the Hermitage hill from those of the Ardèche. Later, alluvial deposits mixed with mud created this terraced landscape.

Opposite the Hermitage on the right bank of the Rhone: the terraced vineyards of Saint Joseph and the town of Tournon.

From north to south, five famous "crus" stretch around you, from which the Cave de Tain produce wines.

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to No. 10: go back toward N°6 and in front of the "Domaine de l'Hermite". In front of the house, go down between the vines, passing the fenced off settling tank on your right. The next sign is another 50m on the right. The most difficult part of the walk begins here. Arrival in Tain l'Hermitage in 1.5 km.

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