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White varietals : Marsanne and Roussanne

MARSANNE is the main white varietal of the northern Cotes du Rhône. It displays exceptional longevity in the warm, pebbly soil: one hundred-year-old vines are not uncommon! This variety does best in soils rich in clay or alluvial deposits, that retain water.

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There are also a few ROUSSANNE vines throughout the Hermitage vineyards.

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The Cave’s knowledge & craftsmanship: thanks to an old plot of Marsanne, the Cave de Tain has continued the tradition of Hermitage “Vin de Paille” since 1985: a rare nectar that should be savoured!



Guideline :

to No. 6 : follow on the right, then take the vineyard track in front of you to the left, to Tain l'Hermitage.

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